Is it safe in Egypt?

I have heard this question many times. You will feel safe in Egypt. I travelled there on my own on my last trip and had no problems at all, I feel very safe in Egypt.

In recent reports by Forbes – Egypt was listed safer than the UK and USA.

Will we be picked up at the airport?

Yes you will have Experienced Guides to meet and greet you at the Cairo Airport. You will be delivered to your hotel. For your entire trip you will be transported by a professional experienced team to and from and be delivered back to the airport for departure.

Is there a dress code for women and men?

Modest dress for both men and women are recommended. Revealing clothing is NOT recommended.

If women are entering a Mosque/Majid you will be asked to cover your arms, legs and hair. Shoes are to be removed before entering the mosque/Majid.

Generally in most tourist areas modest is being respectful of the local culture.

Do I need a visa to enter Egypt?

Yes you will need a Visa to enter Egypt.

You can obtain an Egyptian Visa very easily at Cairo airport before going through customs. It only takes a few minutes to the right of the escalators at the bank window.

Generally cost of your visa will be $25US and visibility of your passport.

What money currency do I need?

Their currency is Egyptian Pound. However US dollar is also accepted.